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"We enthusiastically support Judge Ferguson-Brown for Kitsap County Superior Court, and we hope you do too!"

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Washington State Supreme Court

Chief Justice Steven González, Washington State Supreme Court

Justice Debra Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court

Justice Mary Yu, Washington State Supreme Court

Justice Helen Whitener, Washington State Supreme Court

Washington State Court of Appeals

Chief Judge Rebecca Glasgow, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II

Chief Judge Lori Kay Smith, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division I

Judge J. Robin Hunt, Ret., Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II

Commissioner Karl Triebel, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II

Superior Court

Judge Jennifer Forbes, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Michelle Adams, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Jeffrey Bassett, Kitsap County Superior Court 

Judge Melissa Hempstreet, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge William Houser, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Kevin Hull, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Tina Robinson, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Sally Olsen, Ret., Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Daniel Goodell, Mason County Superior Court

Judge Alan Hancock, Ret., Island County Superior Court

Judge Johanna Bender, King County Superior Court

Judge Samuel Chung, King County Superior Court

Judge Veronica Galvan, King County Superior Court

Judge LeRoy McCullough, King County Superior Court

Judge Judith Ramseyer, Ret., King County Superior Court

Judge Deborah Fleck, Ret., King County Superior Court

Judge Diana Kiesel, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge TaTeasha Davis, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Joseph Evans, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Frank Cuthbertson, Ret., Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Edirin Okoloko, Snohomish County Superior Court Judge

Judge Sharonda Amamilo, Thurston County Superior Court

Judge Indu Thomas, Thurston County Superior Court

Judge Christine Pomeroy, Ret., Thurston County Superior Court

Commissioner Robert Sauerlender, Ret., Mason County Superior Court 

District Court

Judge Victoria Meadows, Ret., Mason County District Court

Judge Shane Seaman, Kitsap County District Court

Non-Judicial Endorsements 

Law Enforcement & Military

Omesheck Blackwood

Carlyle Campbell

Curtis Jackson

Jason Olsen

Ian Scharf

David Shohradov

Willie Williams

Berenice Wynn

Benjamin Wynn


Legal Professionals

*Organization names are for identification purposes only and do not represent an endorsement by that organization.

Brynn Felix, Attorney

Lem Howell, Attorney

Steve Olsen, Attorney

William Pratt, Attorney

Anne Redford-Hall, Attorney

Andrew Scott, Attorney

Jennifer Walker, Attorney


Community Members 

Rev. Grant Brewster

Rev. Jennifer Brewster

Rev. Kelly Dahlman-Oeth

Oliver Brown

Lucas Cheadle

Sherene Da'Briel

Shemiele Da’Briel

Whitney Dahlman-Oeth

Raymond Deans

Carmeta Francis

Dorine Hamm

Tamara Hickman

Kevin Lahn

Kim Lahn

Kermit Pitters

Adrion Reid

Racquel Reid

Nataki Robinson

Robert Rudd

Sheila Rudd

Jefte Sanchez

Nancy Schrader 

Mellissa Schultz

Tim Schultz

Chris Veblen

Mary Ann Zahl

Steven Zahl


Judicial Ratings

...for Retention on the Kitsap County Superior Court bench.

Exceptionally Well Qualified, Joint Asian Judicial Evaluation Committee

  • Asian Bar Association of Washington
  • Filipino Lawyers of Washington
  • Korean American Bar Association of Washington
  • South Asian Bar Alliance of Washington
  • Vietnamese-American Bar Association of Washington
  • Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington

Exceptionally Well Qualified, Latina/o Bar Association of Washington

Exceptionally Well Qualified, Loren Miller Bar Association of Washington

Well Qualified, Q-Law: The LGBT Bar Association of Washington

Committee to Retain Cadine Ferguson-Brown
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